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NJ Mom Suing Country Club For Spilling Wine On Her 30k Vintage Hermès Bag, Country Club Fires Back Saying It’s A Fake

On today’s episode of WTF Is Going On, I would like to present to you New Jersey mom Maryana Beyder. Maryana is a real estate agent working for her husband’s company called Beyder and Company Real Estate and she lives in Alpine, New Jersey.

Maryana’s husband allegedly bought her a $30,000 vintage pink Hermès Kelly bag for her 30th birthday.

She was dining at the country club she belongs to (and still apparently is a member of after this fiasco), Alpine Country Club, on September 17th, 2018.

Facebook; pictured above is Maryana with her husband

Somehow, one of the country club waiters spilled red wine on her bag, and Maryana claims it ruined her bag beyond repair.

She also says she tried repeatedly to get Alpine Country Club to pay for the damages, and they refused to. Now, she is officially suing her own country club.

Oddly enough, Alpine Country Club decided to in turn sue their own freaking employee who spilled the wine on Maryana’s bag. Alexandra Errico, Maryana’s lawyer, said to The New York Post that they are upset and appalled that Alpine Country Club is going after their own employee because they don’t think the liability should fall on him.

Alexandra said to The New York Post, “It has absolutely nothing to do with the waiter, we were not trying to collect any money from the waiter. There was never any intention of my client to go after this person at all. The only intention was to have the employer take responsibility.”

While Alpine Country Club hasn’t decided to publically comment back on suing their own employee who is being referred to as “John Doe,” they have chosen to fire back in this way.

Alpine Country Club is claiming that they had an expert take a look at Maryana’s ruined bag, and it’s fake. “There are serious issues regarding the authenticity of the bag,” Ken Merber, who is the lawyer representing Alpine Country Club, fired back.

They are also saying that Maryana has failed to give them a receipt for her handbag from when her husband purchased it for her.

“She would not be suing for the value of the bag if the bag wasn’t authentic,” Alexandra, Maryana’s lawyer, has replied. “We have an authentication report, two of them.”

Oh, and in other news, it’s looking like Alpine Country Club has had a change of heart and no longer wants to sue John Doe. Geez.

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