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Brooke Skylar Richardson Says She’s Sorry She Can Be Selfish, Found Not Guilty Of Murdering Her Newborn Daughter (Plus, Here’s What Baby Daddy’s Family Has To Say)

Brooke Skylar Richardson has become a household name for what she did to her newborn daughter, and we have all waited on tenterhooks for the conclusion of her trial.

20-year-old Brooke is a former cheerleader from Carlisle, Ohio, who has been accused of murdering her newborn.

She decided to name the baby girl Annabelle, before burning her tiny body and burying her in the backyard.

Brooke has been branded a baby killer, but it turns out she was acquitted of murdering her daughter. The jury found her innocent, but they did find her guilty of gross abuse of a corpse.

Facebook; Brooke smiles wide in the photo above

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