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All The Reasons People Love To Hate On Kim Kardashian

Whether you’re happy about it, or not, the Kardashians are a huge part of pop culture. People either love or hate them. There really is no in between.

Most of the Kardashians’ younger demographic of fans only know this dynasty because of their hit reality show – Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The rest of their fans know them individually from their entrepreneurial endeavors. For most of us though, we know the real reason that the Kardashians became famous – it was from Kim’s famous tape. The accidental leak of this tape skyrocketed Kim to stardom.

In fact, Kim’s tape is one of the many reasons people love to hate her. She essentially became famous accidentally, and many will say she has no talent so she’s literally just famous for being herself.

From her daring fashion choices to flawless makeup, ever since this infamous tape leaked, Kim has opened her life to the world. Unfortunately, all of this makes her extremely easy to hate.

One of the many reasons that people have a problem with Kim is basically because of her lavish lifestyle. Just by glancing at her Instagram or Twitter, or any media outlet that covers Kim, one can take a peek into her luxurious life.

For Kim, riding in the back of limos, walking down red carpets and being invited to exclusive events, like the MET Gala, is all part of an average day.

Everything about her is over the top, including basic days for her. Even if she is just hanging out by the pool at her own home, it’s a totally glamorous event.

Fans are able to follow her lavish lifestyle and dream about it, however, some are completely turned off by it. Maybe it’s because they’re jealous, or just totally uninterested.

Instagram – pictured above is Kim in a selfie

Whatever the reason, Kim definitely hasn’t been affected by the haters, but there are a lot of reasons people hate her.

Although Kim is famous for really no reason, she has turned her fame into a multi-million dollar empire. Yes, that’s right, multi-million dollar empire. How exactly?

Well, in the beginning, Kim was making most of her money from her reality show and personal appearances. As time went on though, some of her money started to trickle in from product endorsements as well.

Eventually, though, Kim created her own clothing line and fragrances which definitely helped her entire net worth.

Kim is worth $85 million just on her own. That’s not including anything she may have along with Kanye now since they’re married.

Kim has become infamous for making daring fashion choices on red carpets, and in just regular day to day life.

Almost all of her outfits have a headline-grabbing aspect to them. When Kim is walking a red carpet, you truly never know what you’re going to get. It could be low-cut, sheer, leather, floral, or even lace!

One thing that’s for sure about Kim is she likes to take risks. Another thing we know for sure is she’s not afraid to flaunt her bod.

Some people absolutely love her choices, and some can’t stand them. However, regardless of what one thinks of her choices…she’s always a topic of conversation.

While she’s certainly come a long way relationship-wise since then, back in 2011 Kim and NBA player Kris Humphries announced that they were engaged.

Nothing about their relationship was traditional, to say the least. The two did not date very long before Kris decided he had to marry Kim.

After getting engaged and eventually married, the couple only lasted as man and wife for 72 days. Many thought that this marriage was merely a publicity stunt and there was no actual love involved because of how short it was.

Although Kim denied this, Kris eventually started to believe that he had been used as a pawn in the stunt. Kris even took to Kim to court, alluding to the fact that she made money off of their marriage through endorsements.

Eventually, this all settled down, but many still think this was all a PR stunt…including Kris Humphries. Like we said, things move quickly for Kim especially when it comes to relationships. After separating from Kris Humphries, Kim began dating long-time friend Kanye West.

In the beginning of Kim and Kanye’s relationship, Kim was actually still married to Kris! Obviously, their divorce was eventually finalized, because as we now know Kim and Kanye are married. Their wedding was as lavish and over the top as one can imagine. The two have also welcomed three children together.

For Kim’s fans, this relationship is like a real-life fairytale. Kim and Kanye have had crazy chemistry for years and were quietly seeing each other for a while before going public with their relationship.

For some, this relationship is a dream come true. For others, it’s another reason that they’ve reached their limit.

Most of the world only knew Kim as a fashion icon and a business woman. However, once she welcomed her first child with Kanye, named North West, people were able to see another side of Kim. This was a more human side to Kim.

Fans have been able to follow Kim’s journey through motherhood, and have been able to watch North grow up through social media and watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians. 

North often is seen on Kim’s Instagram wearing adorable clothing or playing with her equally as fabulous cousins. Kim has been able to show the public “Kim the mom”, and it’s given the public an entirely new perspective on her.

Perhaps what humanized her the most, is when she openly shared her struggles in getting pregnant. This is an issue that so many women go through. So for many, even those who didn’t like Kim, her sharing this personal struggle opened up their eyes.

We’ve said it all throughout this article, but one of the main reasons people can’t stand Kim is because of the age-old question of why is she and her family even famous anyway?

Honestly, we don’t have an answer for you but we’ll do our best to explain. According to most, the Kardashians are literally famous for being famous. I know it sounds weird, but just think about it.

Their television show just features them living their life. The twist though is that their lives are very different than the average person’s.

Many find it entertaining to get a behind the scenes look at someone who spends their days on yachts or going to major movie premieres.

While this drives some people completely crazy, others find it exciting. That’s exactly why Kim continues to be so famous.

The entire Kardashian clan brings a level of fame to the table that is truly unmatchable by any other famous family. They’re a close-knit bunch, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of drama.

Who could forget when Kim lost a diamond earring, while swimming in the Maldives, and Kourtney couldn’t stop making fun of her for crying?

While that’s more on the side of petty drama, the Kardashian sisters have actually dealt with serious family drama as well.

Many years ago, they lost their father and each girl dealt with it extremely differently. They rarely let that stop them from having fun, and making fun of each other! They truly are one of the most loved and most hated families around.

We write these stories because it’s important to bring awareness to situations like these and it’s important for the voices of the victims to be heard. If you want to keep reading additional stories like this, please see the other stories from Disclosure Daily below.

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